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I have loved art and creativity since I can remember.

Already in my first exhibition “Yad Labanim”, Ra’anana, I presented two works that received enthusiastic responses.

  In my first solo exhibition at the Kibbutz Gallery in Tel Aviv, I presented again paintings of large women.

 “Why did you paint women in their ugliness?”

“Why do you paint such fat people?”

“Do you have a feminist-social message?”

These are just some of the questions I have been asked and continue to be asked to this day.

The answer to all these questions are in the eyes of the beholder.

I have no desire or intention to convey political or social messages. I draw with enthusiasm from the lines of the human body – wrinkles, and circularity. The color, the flesh, the texture, the joy of life and sometimes a wink! The observer decides whether he sees or wants to see something beyond.

I do not like and I evade any type of “gallery talks” or “talk with the artist” because I love to paint more and talk less. An art that needs to be explained is not appealing to me.

Even if there is no deliberate agenda, one cannot ignore the fact that we are all part of a dynamic environment that is constantly changing. For example, the ideal of female beauty: Marilyn Monroe and Liz Tayler. The super-superstars of the 1950s would not have been accepted today into any modeling agency. Then came the heroine-chic of the 1980s, which is already fading and a change in perception of “beauty” is felt. The changes also affect me and enter my creations.


Apart from women paintings, I have also been occupied by landscape. For several years I have been captivated by the changing colors of the sea. The movement from calm to stormy, transparent and clear – the hidden and gloomy fascinates me. For me they are an expression of emotions and a reflection of stressful situations in our region (Western Negev).

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Through a wide visual language my intention is to express aspects of life that words cannot.

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Visitors in my Exhibition